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Nen Edit

Nen Types - Everyone who starts the game will be given a nen type and will not be able to change it unless you make a new game or buy the gamepass for changing nen types.

Enhancement - Strengthening themselves or objects.

Emission - Detaching aura from the body

Manipulation - Controlling animate and inanimate things

Transmutation - Changing the quality of aura to match something else

Conjuration - Creating objects from aura

Specialization - Unique effect

Ten - An ability learned at level 5 and increases in speed with each 5 levels. (Level 5)

Ko - An aura punch that is chargeable and can be charged longer depending on level. (Level 10)

Zetsu - Turn invisible for an amount of time depending on the level. (Level 15)

En - It is a ball of aura that ignites the nen of anyone inside of it so you can see them even if they're using zetsu. It also grows in size with each 5 levels. (Level 20)

Ren - A way to increase your physical attacks but can't use any hatsu techniques. (Level 20) press on SHIFT

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